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Take the Emulin 30 day Challenge

Are you serious about your health and want to find ways to make your body preform better and live a better life ?

We are with you ,and understand the desire to start to take your health and your families health to new levels and start to find way to get yourself back into shape through diet and eating patterns and well as exercising and living a more active lifestyle.

In this busy world our life can get pretty busy and all the running around and trying to keep up leaves most of us forgetting the most important one in the story of our lives , neglected and un taken care of  , and most of us know exactly who I am talking about – OURSELVES

Once we forget to take the time to nurture and take care of our own lifes the rest of the situation will start to break down as well , as if you are not healthy the pace and speed that life moves at will eventually break us down , either through pure exhaustion , emotional stress or even psychical sickness,.

Either you take actions to prevent by taking care of yourself or your body will have to find ways to slow you down so you pay attention and become aware of your own health and wellness , this can arrive in the form of emotions and psychical breakdowns, accidents and sickness within your body that is the bodies way to try slow you down … because you were not taking care of your self

Sounds familiar ?

Well I understand this all to well and I made body had to pay the price before I started to listen and take care of myself, in may case I started losing my eyesight and when to the doctor only to find out that my busy grab and go life style had caught up with me and I have developed type 2 Diabetes.

Fortunately for me Type 2 Diabetes is reversible so at least I got a warning shot before it was to late and I had made my self to sick to recover, this is when I started to take my health and life more seriously and putting me first in the story .

So I went to work right away thinking that this would be easy just stop eating the chocolate bars and hot chocolates at Starbucks and I would be in the clear and healthy in no time , I left the doctors office that day full of myself and thinking I would be back in charge and my blood sugars would drop and life would be fine.

Well boy was I wrong .

I did quit the chocolate bars and hot chocolates and all things that I knew had sugar dripping off them ,and thought I was the guru of health and wellness and winning the healthy living awards for all these big life style and eating habit changes I had made and walked back into my doctors office expecting a huge pat on the back and a all clear and healthy report from the Doc after I told her all the diet and life style changes I had made  the daily accounts of how I was now a great liver of healthy proactive life that I had become and that I expected to have this type 2 Diabetes under  control

She was happy to hear these changes and glad to see such proactive actions on my behalf so ordered another set of Labs to test my blood sugar levels , eye test over all health and I was super excited to get the results back  as I knew I had solve the issues and was now a pillar of health .

Boy was I wrong about that – my blood sugars levels were worse and my eye sight was worse

WTF !! I was seriously humbled, upset and depressed as here I had done all this great monumental changes and sacrificed all my favorite rewards and treats and was in worse health ,

how could this be true ?

This was when my realization hit about how serious this problem was and how much I needed to learn about the effects of the foods I was eating and how I was going to have to change my whole diet and learn all the types of foods and the way our bodies break down foods like Carbs into sugars

This  was going to take a whole reset of everything I was putting into my body and not just the sugar glazed foods , All the foods

I started researching and reading all the latest reports and doctors findings about type 2 diabetes and found some amazing research by a Dr Joseph Ahrens about how sugar were causing so many of the major health issues society is facing today.

Dr Joseph Milton Ahrens Nobel Prize Nominee 2015 and 2016 2_Edited

Dr Joseph Milton Ahrens Nobel Prize Nominee 2015 and 2016 4

Well after doing alot more research about all the thought process and approaches to managing type 2 diabetes I had decided to track down Dr Joseph Ahrens and find out about the Emulin Products he was referring to and give them a try

When I first discovered Emulin Dr Ahrens had partnered with a distribution company called Igalen and they were the only distributors in the world for the Emulin product and so I tracked down a distributor.

Now Igalen was a network marketing ( mlm) company and only allowed sales through the independent distributors so of course I was not thrilled as had bad experiences with these type of companies in the past so was hesitant.

I contacted a Igalen Rep , and discussed the product heard many more positive reviews and results from them and in our conversation I asked what type of time line I could expect to see results ?

The Igalen rep suggested I buy only 30 day supply 6 capsules a day of the Emulin to try for myself then decide if I wanted to keep taking the Emulin daily  after the 30day test run ,so I could test and see the results before investing in many bottles as there were discounts for purchasing multiple bottles .

I just that I order the one month supply ,at the time I think I paid $90 a bottle witch for me I was a little discouraged by how expensive it was but bit the bullet as the result and lab tests were impressive .

My first bottle of Emulin arrived a week later and started to take them three times aday before meal and didnt notice much if any affect for the first few weeks my blood sugar levels were the same and was frustrated as I had such high hopes.

Then about two and half weeks in my girlfriend asked if I had been intentionally giving up my after dinner snacks as part of my new diet and I  hadent even noticed that I had stopped eating the after dinner snacks and I didnt crave them any more

So maybe the Emulin is starting to work ? I can only assume this new change has come about from the Emulin as it was part of the reviews I had read so this was already a positive result in its self , I continued to take it for the rest of the month and the craving for carbs seem to be less and less as I didnt even crave them any more

After a meal I was no longer hungry and stopped the mid day snacking as well and I noticed that my sore back wasent affecting me as much and when I went to the scale I have lost 7 pound over the last month , so lots of things seem to be shifting and my blood sugar levels started to level of and go down a point or two so feeling pretty good about things

Now during the time I started on the Emulin I had also done a million other changes in my lifestyle choices and diet so was un sure about the new positive affects I had been noticing  and if they were directly a result of the Emulin so at the end of the 30 days I didnt order another bottle and carried on with all the other aspects of my living .

Well this is where I realized how much the Emulin was helping and how it was supporting and helping me with the breaking down of sugars from the limited carbs I was eating , all the snack cravings came back , the sore back and inflammation, as well I put on a few pounds that I had lost the month before and the blood sugar levels went back up  a few points so that was all I needed to see I reordered three months supply to be able to save a few bucks.

As well with the three bottle order i got my own resellers account so I could refer others and earn a few dollars selling Emulin to friends and family but I wasent really interested in the business side of things only saving money on Emulin for the rest of my life as  I knew I would be taking daily as part of my new healthy living plan .

Eventually I upgraded to a diamond member as my family and I take Emulin daily and the higher the Membership level the more you save.

That was 6 years ago and the Igalen company no longer has the rights to Emulin and DR. Arhens has joined another great company Valentus that aligned better with his vision for Emulin  going into the future and I followed as Emulin is part of my life everyday and part of the reason I live such a healthy life

This is why I invite you to take the Emulin 30 day Challenge and see for yourself as I know it works , I know it will help your body and I want you to see for yourself

Take the Emulin 30 day Challenge