Disclaimer: These sites are listed for the convenience and information of visitor to The National Diabetes Management Strategy website, which assumes no responsibility for the content of the sites linked below.

Alberta – Alberta Diabetes Surveillance System
  • Analysis of the burden of diabetes, and trends in diabetes complications over time.
  • 2009 Alberta Diabetes Atlas, which contains information on the number of people living with diabetes in Alberta, their related health conditions, and the health services they use.
  • The newsletter Diabetes Prevalence by Alberta Communities, which profiles diabetes prevalence for communities in Alberta with a population of at least 1,000 people.
Saskatchewan – Diabetes Provincial Plan
  • Information on the four main areas of the plan:
    • primary prevention of type 2 diabetes
    • optimum care and prevention of diabetes complications
    • education for healthcare providers
    • diabetes surveillance
Manitoba – Manitoba Diabetes Strategy
  • Information regarding initiatives to support chronic disease prevention and control throughout Manitoba and facilitate implementation and evaluation of the Regional Diabetes Program (RDP) and the Manitoba Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative (CDPI).
Ontario – Ontario Diabetes Strategy
  • Information about diabetes for the public and healthcare professionals
  • Information about Ontario’s plans to fight diabetes in the years ahead
Diabète Québec
  • Bilingual website, offering general information about the management of diabetes, including:
    • oral medications
    • foot care
    • cholesterol
    • exercise
    • meal planning
  • Publications for purchase, including cookbooks and Travel Guide For People With Diabetes

New Brunswick

  • Information about the Diabetes Multi-system disease management initiative (DM2 New Brunswick) to improve the health of our New Brunswick patient participants with type 2 diabetes by slowing or preventing the progression of the disease and its related complications.
  • The study will measure the impact of a structured approach to care involving both primary care physicians and a team of specialists working together to better manage patients with type 2 diabetes.


  • Information on a Comprehensive Diabetes Strategy
    for New Brunswickers 2011-2015

Newfoundland and Labrador
Improving Health Together: A Policy Framework for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Newfoundland and Labrador

  • A long-term approach for addressing chronic disease in the province

Nova Scotia – Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia

  • Information for healthcare professionals about the services and resources offered by the Nova Scotia Department of Health provincial diabetes program
  • Compilation of annual provincial, district, and diabetes centre-specific statistics

Prince Edward Island - Provincial Diabetes Program of Prince Edward Island

  • Information about diabetes for the public and healthcare professionals
  • Information on how to access services within the Provincial Diabetes Program